Telegraph Brewing Credits Us Business Counsel as Being a Key Factor in Their Success

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Thanks to our client Brian Thompson of Telegraph Brewing Co. for this article highlighting our relationship and his successful 12-year journey to date. To learn about what we did for Brian and how we help restaurants, breweries, and other growing businesses to succeed every step of the way, feel free to read his article reprinted below.

Telegraph Brewing: A Key Ingredient To Our Business Success

Telegraph Brewing Credits Us Business Counsel
Telegraph Brewing credits US Business Counsel as being a key factor in their recent sale to Utah's Epic Brewing.

Earlier this month, Telegraph Brewing concluded a successful chapter in its journey with our sale to Epic Brewing, based in Salt Lake City. A lot of people—other brewery owners, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs—have been asking me about what went into reaching this milestone. While there were many factors, of significance was my choice of legal advisory team, and their constant presence and support. Selling a business is an extraordinarily complex transaction: it is vital to have a legal advisory team that you can trust unconditionally to have your best interest at heart and who is acting as a true partner in the process.

From the start of our venture twelve years ago, through our expansion and the evolution of our brand, and to this day, US Business Counsel and attorney Saji Gunawardane have been key to our success: from contractual matters, to permitting, vendor and distribution issues, intellectual property, employment matters, dispute resolution, and of course this successful business sale, they’ve had Telegraph’s back. Saji and his team took the time to understand our business operations, and to learn what was most important to me, personally. They used that knowledge at each step, always tailoring the decision-making process to me as a unique client, rather than simply taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Saji’s approach of offering bespoke legal advice is just not typical of other lawyers I’ve dealt with. His legal skills and sharp business instincts have been vitally important during some very challenging times. He helped me to keep focus on my vision while navigating us to secure the right partners at each horizon of our business success. Saji and his team’s diligence and expertise allowed us to focus on growing the brewery instead of worrying about legal issues. Every business owner needs to expect the unexpected, but just expecting it isn’t enough. Saji’s mantra of "it’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ – so let’s be prepared" is one to embrace. And because Saji was always championing risk mitigation strategies behind the scenes, we had the confidence to execute our business plan knowing that when the inevitable issues arose, we had already anticipated them and had strategies in place to deal with them.

In the past, we had worked with lawyers whose only allegiance seemed to be to their billable hours. Saji and US Business Counsel never approached our business this way. For twelve straight years, they fought alongside us as true stakeholders do: they were all in. Having an empathetic and trusted “go-to” advisor is the difference between just another business lawyer and a true business partner like Saji.

For this reason, Saji and his team will continue to be principal advisers at my side in my future ventures. I strongly recommend their services to any brewery, winery, restaurant, or any growth-positioned entrepreneurial venture, without any hesitation. Reach out to him directly and learn more about their unique approach to general counsel services at [email protected]. I am confident he will help nearly any business achieve higher levels of success, just as he did for us.