What We Do For Your Business

We are innovative and efficient business attorneys with actual business experience from working in management at small, family-owned businesses and Fortune 200 companies, across a wide range of highly-regulated industries. This means we know how to handle all aspects of contracts, employment law, management and board advice, legal and regulatory compliance, investor relations, and business transactions common to your company.

Our actual business management background allows us to understand “The Inner Game” of your day-to-day experience as a business owner. This unique base of experience sets us apart from most business law firms, providing you with an attorney who actually understands your challenges and opportunities, and how to work collaboratively with you nd your teams to protect and grow your company.

Unique, Flat-Fee Corporate Counsel Program

We recognize that the best way for you to receive legal advice is to have an experiened, competent and responsive attorney who takes the time to understand your business, your team and your goals. In other words, a relational approach -- not a traditional transactional one.

To accomplish this, we offer businesses that are growing, ambitious and committed to succeed the opportunity to receive our legal advice and services under a unique, flat-fee "Corporate Counsel Program" -- making USBC different among experienced business law firms. This provides our clients with both the predictability of legal fees, and assurances that the advice you need is accessible, reliable, and that the relationship you form with us serves the needs of your company at every milestone, challenge and stage of your growth. To learn more about this unique flat-fee program, submit an inquiry at our Contact page.

Business Rising Advisors

In the immediate wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, US Business Counsel leaped to action and formed Business Rising Advisors, a business Advisory Team of highly-experienced experts in legal, accounting, employment and cybersecurity disciplines who share the simple goal of providing one place for business owners to get critical guidance on key strategies needed to build – and in some instances rebuild – your business to rise again. View our free, unique business advisory webseries at BusinessRisingAdvisors.com

Our Mission

We leverage over 20 years of experience in business and law into a client engagement philosophy rooted in accessibility, efficiency and building a close, advisory relationship with you.

Since 2008 and long before the COVID-19 period, our firm committed to a 100% flat-fee model that allows us to provide your business with high-quality legal services that meets your long-term legal and risk mitigation needs.

Our services include business contract drafting and negotiating (including agreements common to most businesses, such as vendor contracts, partnerships, shareholder agreements, non-disclosure agreements, investment agreements, employment agreements and commercial leases), employment law, strategic planning, management and board advice, regulatory compliance, investor relations, business development, and mergers and acquisitions (business sales and due diligence). And we deliver this in a way that allows us to build a relationship with you -- one you can rely on as a trusted legal and business advisor who will remain on your side to help you achieve your business objectives.