Who We Serve

We have both consultant and in-house legal management experience in advising and representing businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. From incorporation to policy regulation, employment law, mergers and acquisitions, and application and implementation of initial public offering status, US Business Counsel provides its support and expertise every step of the way.

Actual Management Experience

With an eye on your company’s future and growth, the corporate counseling US Business Counsel provides is dedicated to preemptive action towards managing risk as well as reducing liability. We evaluate, support, and bolster your employment practices and business strategies to ensure you and your company’s protection and advancement under the strict state and federal regulations governing business.

Flat Fees

In line with our dedication to accessibility and affordability, we offer a Corporate Counsel Program for a monthly, fixed, flat-fee. When enrolled in this program US Business Counsel offers contract drafting, negotiation, and reviews, policy advice and training, and general legal services to you and your business.

Our Mission

Saji Gunawardane Santa Barbara Attorney at Law
Saji Gunawardane
Attorney at Law

US Business Counsel provides comprehensive business, compliance, regulation, and litigation support to companies of varying sizes throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. With over twenty years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools to provide your business with the necessary protections and structures for growth and success in an ever-changing economic and regulatory climate. We pride ourselves on our accessibility, affordability, and dedication to companies as a committed business partner and advisor.