Practice Areas

Practice Areas

General Corporate Counsel

We offer a general corporate counsel program that is tailored to you and your company’s legal needs. Our program includes but is not limited to policy and procedure drafting, review, and revision, human relations department training, risk management assessments, compliance assessments, contract negotiations, and general legal services. Enrollment in our general corporate counsel program is offered at a negotiated flat rate based on the services your company needs.  To set up a free consultation and/or request additional information on our General Corporate Counsel Program please click here.

Employment Law

The practice of employment law is cleaved into separate, but equally importation sections. The first is the establishment of proper, compliant, and protective employment practices in which both the employer and employee are protected under the law. We offer the service of auditing your business’s current waivers and employment practices to determine and correct weaknesses and exposures to liability. Proactive and preventative actions and implementation of good employment policies is necessary to the growth and success of your business. The second section of employment law is the defense of your business in class action suits, wage and hour claims, and harassment and discrimination suits. For more information on how US Business Counsel can assist you with your employment law needs please click here.

Real Estate

Real estate purchases and acquisitions and/or lease negotiations are necessary to the advancement of a business. In many cases, these transactions are complicated and time-consuming. US Business Counsel has the experience and knowledge to assist your business in seizing smart and advantageous real estate opportunities.   For more information on how US Business Counsel can assist you with your real estate contract needs please click here.

Practice Areas

Mergers and Acquisitions

The growth and longevity of a business is dependent on its ability to adapt and expand its reach. US Business Counsel has advised and facilitated numerous successful mergers and acquisitions allowing our clients the opportunity for their business to evolve and progress.  For more information on how US Business Counsel can assist you with the growth of your business please click here.

Business and Civil Litigation

Many businesses, especially those operating in highly-regulated fields, face the challenge of defending against, initiating, and preventing involvement in various types of lawsuits. US Business Counsel has experience in representing businesses of all sizes in business and civil litigation suits.  For more information on how US Business Counsel can assist you with the prevention or defense of your company's involvement in a business or civil suit please click here.

Other Business Services

We provide advice and support in numerous additional aspects of business law and business operation. From application and preparation for a business’ initial public offering, to investor relations,  incorporation, and corporate structure formation and maintenance, US Business Counsel is here to support you. Please click here to contact our office for a free consultation and/or more information on the services we offer. 

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